A Poem for Every Girl I Love

“The universe is a bunch of girls loving each other
Venus walks into Saturn’s bedroom and paints her nails red
Baby doll, darling, some orange on your cheek
here, some vanilla pudding for your empty stomach
It’s time to put some glitter on , he’s not coming back
Out on your rings babe
Take a swirl in your light babe
Uranus finds Mercury in a bar drunk
Uranus takes Mercury home,
Uranus warms the milk with honey
love, this is home for now
Neptune and Jupiter lie in bed for weeks
in large t-shirts and pink panties
wrapped in a blanket,
watch T.V shows about love for hours,
and cry on each other’s tummy
sweetheart, I know it aches, but here’s some ice cream 
During a yoga session, Earth whispers to Mars
about the most beautiful girl
she calms my depths,  
makes my waters move, 
she lights up my gloom
stays in my darkness
One summer morning, all of the universe aligns
pretty dresses, flowers in their tresses
watch the moon walk down the aisle
in her white sunlight dress
towards the earth,
warm wet eyes, leaning on each other’s shoulder,
soft petals on each other
holding hands, honeydew and balm
sticky and messy
but kind, always kind
these girls, this love
the universe is a bunch of girls never leaving each other’s side.”
– A Poem for Every Girl I Love by Thamanna Razak

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