Your Woman Who Fell from Heaven

You thought love was sacramental,
would let you cross over to the heavens,
make you worthy enough to meet God,
and this time
you wouldn’t pick the apple that fell
That’s why you said yes after all
marriage looked like a door to you
to be able to sit cross legged with God
to the universe you would understand
to the verses that believe in you
and to the holy that will soften
all your bends and wounds.
But love, isn’t always a door
it’s a goddamn pit
it’s a prayer you chant in the pit
it’s not hell but it’s paradise on fire,
so you slit your wrists
try and save where you came from
with your own blood
But love, has you bend down
on your knees, mad woman
wishing for the apple
and its poison
so that you can
– Your Woman Who Fell From Heaven by Thamanna Razak

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