For Unhappy Girls Who like Sitting in the Sun

  • it’s another end of the week , isn’t it?  your longings are swelling up in your throat , and your hands need to touch something meaningful. It’s okay it’s alright. Only the coffee cup knows you’re holding it as you would hold another human , gently, sweaty and with love.
  • soft warm pillows, from the drapes you forgot to close, the sunlight that rushed in without your permission, suddenly there’s uninvited light, terrible terrible warmth , but also the soft haloed picture of your room surprises you.
  • nights are always the hardest, there isn’t a ray to help you forget your grief and that’s okay I think, sometimes you are needed to take the blow heart first , on your knees , but you’ll know woman, you’ll know you can take it and that’s glorious and fucking courageous.
  • even if you’re sad and wants to die everyday, your opinions still matter? did you know that? people try and tell you all sorts of things like, ” you shouldn’t feel like that if you are feeling like this ” ” it’s not like that, you’re just in a phase of your life where everything feels negative” “it’s all in your head” well guess what? guess fucking what? it is all in your head and that is why it’s real and important. that’s why when you feel the crippling fear of existence , it’s a fear instilled in you by your
    ancestors and years of making you feel crazy, it’s all real baby
  • you don’t always have to sound poetic to make your point, I realised that very recently . but your voice , just you breathing is a blessing to this world and it’s all poetry in itself , it’s a point, it’s a statement of God itself, He said I created woman and that is the point .
  • get angry , get fucking angry
  • your femininity is not tied to your gentleness , or your soft, or your curves
  • but woman, love is one thing you die for, you’re greedy for, all your yearnings are for love and you do not celebrate it. the whole world is falling apart from the absence of it, and you go ahead and try to quiet your large heart, tell yourself you don’t need it , you can live a life in its absence. the earth cannot bear the absence of your love , love. so let it brim, and fall and flow.
  • this is the most honest, heartful thing I’ve written in a while
– For Unhappy Girls Who Like Sitting in The Sun by Thamanna Razak

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