The World Waits on Your Beauty

My heart,
it endures pain like slow
burning ember,
a purgatory for
every man who
had the misfortune
to have seen
your glow
behind that veil
and desired for you.
At a seaside, families
wait for dusk, grow old
in its waiting
and lull into the sand.
At another end of
the sea , a boy
waits for the dawn
and his mother to
come back
and he never grows up.
At an end of a
water tap, a woman
waits for the next drop
of water. Her whole
life, she only knows
of thirst.
And I, wait lifetimes
consumed in sorrow
like no other to
find a language that
transcends this unbearable
spread of time. I, turn
into a poet
in hopes
to touch your thoughts
on the evening you fix
your tangles. I want
my sigh to be the
reason for your
blushed cheeks.
But Rabb, in his
selfish longing to
keep your heart
and beauty alive
have stretched
the string of time
and suffering.
Oh my love, how the
entire world stands still
and suffers
for your beauty.– The World Waits on Your Beauty (*based on Aah Ko Chahiye by Mirza Ghalib and sung by Jagjit Singh) by Thamanna Razak

*I would prefer if you could enjoy the music before/after/while reading the poem to really understand where the poem comes from. This is my father’s favourite song. I have had this song/ poetry as my backdrop music almost all roadtrips or drives and on early mornings on Fridays my entire life. The image of a woman untangling her hair unaware of the love and desire men hold for her is what this song brings to me. And I think I’m only trying to find my own narration for the image, in my own personal ways of knowing love and desire. And most importantly I am trying to tell a story of longing. I only hope I have done justice.


2 thoughts on “The World Waits on Your Beauty

  1. I started reading this and everything else just fell silent. It's so beautiful !
    And of course ,what would the world be without Ghalib.


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