Love is the Highest Law After All

So here’s the truth, I’ve been forgetful . It’s drizzling outside the window, almost as quiet as breathing and in these moments of calm, I forgot how painful living has become until I read that yet another city was attacked, as airports and metros blow up, as innocent lives are taken  and wounded in the name of wrong place to be, I remember how far back this war goes. I remember how shamefully Muslims will have to defend themselves before they can hold out a helping hand or offer their condolences. Terror is so hard to understand, what it demands of us and how much it takes from us each time. I’m thinking about those moments before the bombs went off, was it raining like it’s raining where I am? was it gentle , did someone look at the sky and sigh because the world seemed like such a warm place to be? did the same thoughts cross the minds of those who planted it? did they stop for a while and marvel or maybe their eyes softened at the sight of a child and it reminded them of theirs? I don’t know. It must be so hard to understand because we are humans, we are taught that we are inherently kind , we invented words like humane to remind us of our tenderness and here we are far from what we wanted to be. It’s easy to look at this and say it’s only a bunch of people , they’re the mad ones. It’s easy to believe we, as compassionate beings haven’t failed. But the truth is, it’s frustrating to know what human beings are capable of doing to one another. That at some point in time, our hearts and minds could betray us of our kindness and gentleness if we aren’t careful enough. It’s tragic and scary at the same time.

In these times of racism, rapes, terrorist attacks, wars, Donald Trumps and a long list of crimes committed for no reason other than causing pain and terror, it’s easy to forget our place and our purpose. And it’s okay for you to do whatever it takes to find that place and reassure your humanness whichever small way possible. Maybe it’s sharing a post on facebook or tweeting your grievances or heck changing your profile picture , nobody can take that small part of you that needs to know you still care , that you are still warm and soft and aching , even if you never imagined it would come to this. And it’s okay for you to take a leap and help bigger , open your heart for all those people walking the earth who can’t. Grow the kindness everyone has forgotten about and remind everyone of it. It’s okay , It’s okay to feel as long as you do because that’s the closest thing we have left from our humanity.

“What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met.

—  David Levithan, Love Is the Higher Law

My prayers and thoughts with Brussels and Turkey and every other nation and its citizens who have been victims of terrorism .

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