Truths of Love & Loving

There is a part of you that mistakes pity for love, my lover tells me one night. You love me but you do so from a throne so it doesn’t really matterYou tell me you love me but you say it out of guilt because your mother taught you a good woman is a woman who loves and forgives a lesser being, out of pity, out of the enormous burden it is to birth life into this earth.
But isn’t that the truest form of love, darling. Perhaps the greatest love story is a tale of endless sympathy for each other’s mistakes, and boundless forgiveness and will last for a lifetime. If women didn’t feel sorry for their lovers, there would be no romance at all, I tell him to spite him. He is angry for this, senseless bitterness at what my mother taught me, only for a brief time and then wants my pity. So I give him and let him sleep on my chest.

– Journal;  Truths of Love and Loving.

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