DIY Clay Masks that has worked for me

Okay, So I don’t remember a time I didn’t use clay masks. I did masks way before I ever owned a moisturizer or even an spf . So I feel pretty confident in my knowledge of it. I have used and tested all of them below, and each does a different thing so keep to it.

  • Turmeric + Multani Mitti ( Fuller’s Earth) + Rose water (For scarred/spotted skin)
    Turmeric is probably my “stranded at an island” product. Not only can I season my fish that I catch with my bare hands but also look flawless at it. *wink* It helps really well in improving your skin tone, not in a fair and lovely way, but it helps in toning your skin evenly. And it helps with fading your scars. Mix that with Multani Mitti and rose water  and we’ve got a dream island product.
  • Multani Mitti + Yogurt ( For dehydrated skin)
    When I was in college, my campus was on a hillstation. And though the cold weather was a boon for my oily skin, I had to constantly moisturize. So this mask is something we girlies got together and did at the end of a long studio day. Actually when I think of this mask , I think of my girlfriends and the jokes. And probably alot of whining of the work we had to do. Mix equal parts of both and apply directly on to your skin. It wont dry like a normal clay mask would because of the yogurt , but 10- 15 minutes would do. Yogurt really helps in moisturizing skin and Multani mitti helps in just pulling out all the toxins and tightening the skin.
  • Multani Mitti+ 2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil + Water ( For fighting acne)
    We have already established our love for Multani Mitti, add two drops of lavender or any essential oil of your choice, depending on your skin problem at the moment and water. I have only recently started using essential oils for skincare, but I’m really loving Lavender essential oil at the moment, because it’s soothing and calming. Preferably do it at night. It has helped bringing down active pimples ( I have two going on at the moment). You can also use tea trea , for acne. Make sure you patch test on the back of your elbow or wrist, and always make sure you only add one or maximum two drops, essential oils always have to be diluted before you put them on your skin.
  • Dead Sea mud mask ( For dull skin)
    This is probably something that isn’t as available as easy as Multani Mitti. I bought it straight from Jordan . But I did some searching and found this for you guys. Mix it with plain water or rosewater. Dead Sea mud/ clay is known to have many minerals and anti oxidants which I haven’t bothered to look up frankly. But from my experience, it gives the brightest freshest glow to my skin. I do it a day before any event, or big day that I have.
  • Moroccan Ghassoul (Rhassoul) Clay Mask ( For gritty/hard skin)
    Now , I don’t do much crazy experiments with my skin, I try to stick to what I know works for me, but when it comes to clays, that’s not the case. I try everything that says clay ( not really). This is something I started using very recently ( been a month or so). I purchased this again, from Jordan ( I know). It was a very small packet and I lost it somewhere and it resurfaced recently and I could only use it twice ( since I also put it on my body). So I purchased this from amazon.  I use it with rose water. To be honest, I found that it was not as mattifying as I would like it, but it did leave my skin super soft. I have a small rough patch on my forehead and it completely disappears when I use this. So it would work better for dry skin beauties, in my opinion.
    *That being said and done. Clays are drying and mattifying, so I would suggest that you start by using very little amount if you have dry or sensitive skin.
  •  And also disclaimer that I’m no cosmetologist or aesthetician. I have just listed what has worked for my skin .

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