How can I love you, darling?
Desire on desire,
longings on longings.
In the intensity of
this moment, this espresso
this sea, this sweet éclair,
all my causes die
one by one with
the tides that crash
on the rocks and
turn into foam.
I love you, I love you,
but oh, you are
so formidable.
Darling , I want you,
but be a good husband,
for that is the only cause
I will wound my desire for,
for holy marriage,
for another woman
in love. Another woman,
who gave you her vows
her youth, her children
and her love. I will not
take her heart and replace
with mine. I remember
what God wants. I understand
her pain more than I understand
my desire. Darling,
I am to die for but
the only cause I’m willing
to die for,  is another woman’s.

To Die for by Thamanna Razak

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