How to Use Olive Oil to Heal ( your heart)

Women of our ancient tribes knew their hearts and how to protect them. Perhaps why they didn’t leave their men, didn’t leave their children and endured, holding simple pleasures close to them. Gatherings were important , taking care of each other, woman to woman was important. Intimacy, a sense of love , even romantic love  which was mostly denied in marriages at the time, was found in these gatherings. Women were the lovers and watchers of women. So there were scents , there were oils, baths and healing.

So this is me creating that space for women, and telling my story, of taking comfort in our own bodies and our space.

These are few things I do when I come back to myself and my body and skin after a breakup or maybe just busy days, days when I forget that a body exists, and that it needs me. And this is how I heal. How to Use Olive Oil to Heal ( your heart)